Vlaamse Federatie van Beleggers (VFB)


The VFB is the largest federation of individual investors and investment clubs in Belgium. A non-profit organization, founded in 1960. The aim is to independently inform and educate individual investors and investment clubs with regard to financial asset management. We believe the stock exchange is the best way to ensure financial health. The communication, information and education is mainly focused on equities.

On the other hand, the VFB has a cooperation with listed companies and financial institutions. We help to build name recognition, establish trust, provide analyst coverage and support IR communication. We form the bridge between the individual investors and listed companies.

If you have a message for the retail audience, VFB is the premier channel.

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 Inge Bresseleers, account manager


 +32 (0)15 21 51 61

  Ben Granjé, managing director  


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